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MacArthur Beach State Park is one of the highest density nesting beaches in Florida with a total nest count of 1866 in 2014, 2792 in 2015, and 2125 in 2016. Although these numbers are encouraging we believe there is more we can do to increase the odds for sea turtles through research and education.

Only one out of 1000 sea turtles make it to reproductive maturity. We need your help to increase their odds! Help us to fund Education and Research!

Education – We believe education is the key to reducing human effect on the sea turtle population. Education = Compassion = Action

Research –MacArthur Beach State Park has been designated an index beach by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC), and is one of 33 beaches surveyed daily at sunrise to determine the health and well-being of the sea turtle communities. We are also in our third year of a Citizen Science Research Program, excavating loggerhead and leatherback nests to determine nest productivity. All data collected through our research is sent to FWC.





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