Kayak Rental

Kayaking at MacArthur Beach State Park provides visitors with a unique experience.

Paddle around the estuary or travel under Burnt Bridge into the Lake Worth Lagoon and visit Munyon Island – an outlying part of the Park with a rich history.

Depending on the season you may see wildlife including manatees, dolphins, mullet, snook, rays, and a variety of birds.

You can enjoy the calm kayaking waters of the Park by renting a kayak or in your own canoe/kayak. For year-round free kayaking, consider joining Friends of MacArthur Beach State Park.

Kayak Rental
Kayak Rental is available at the Beach Outfitters Gift Shop.  Kayak rentals may be impacted by weather concerns; Small Craft Caution restricts kayaking to the Estuary, kayaks will not be rented when a Small Craft Advisory is in effect.
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Kayak Rental Launch

The Friends have a few used kayaks for sale, priced below wholesale!  Made in the USA, Singles are $199 and doubles are $249.  Contact the Beach Outfitters Gift Shop for more information.  561-776-7449 ext. 101

Do you have your own kayak or canoe?
You are welcome to bring your own kayak or canoe to the Park and launch it from the public launch. Please inquire at the Park Gate for directions to the launch site.

Watch Your Tides
Kayaking at MacArthur Beach State Park is best at high tide.  Visit www.saltwatertides.com, select Florida Atlantic Coast, North Palm Beach and the date.

At low tide, mud flats begin to appear in parts of the estuary.  Although there is not as much deep water at low tide, it is a wonderful time to observe all of the park’s wildlife coming in to feed.