Pew Family Natural Science Education Center

The Pew Family Natural Science Education Center, opened in April 2011, has expanded the scope of what the Park can offer to children, teachers, families and adults. This state of the art facility is the heart of the Park’s learning and discovery programs.

A New Home for The Natural Science Education Programs

The Discovery ClassroomThe Education Center is where science comes alive. The state of the art classroom includes wet lab areas for research and study, collecting equipment to bring the outdoors in, compound and dissecting microscopes, and a SmartBoard® for sharing information and Skyping with Scientists.

Imagine the fun in collecting a bucket of water from the estuary or the beach, bringing it inside the Education Center and being able to look “inside” the water! An entire wall of the facility is the wet lab area, fully outfitted with sinks, counter space, microscopes, and lab kits. The students learn to prepare slides, use microscopes and identify an entire world they never knew existed.

A Vital Tool for Park Staff, Volunteers, Researchers and Teachers

The Research Library provides our staff with needed instructional resources for improving the quality of teaching, as well as to encourage staff, teachers, researchers and volunteers to engage in research, study and program development.

Resource materials are available for study of the Park’s eco-systems, including beaches, biology, botany, conservation, environmental education, estuaries, field guides, insects, mammals, maps, marine life, recreation, reptiles, natural, cultural and local history.

Provides an Essential Work and Research Facility

The Discovery LabWhen animals, fish, turtles or reptiles arrive at the Park, they must be isolated for a period of time to ensure their health and the safety of our other specimens. Ill animals, new hatchlings and others must occasionally be isolated, growth of the animals must be recorded, and live food must have a place to exist.

All these needs, and many more opportunities for learning, are met in the Discovery Lab.  Housed in the Education Center, the Lab provides Park staff, Researchers, Interns and Volunteers with a very needed work and research facility.

From Trees To Seas Exhibit

This exciting exhibit, located inside the Education Center, is an educational focus for students, teachers, researchers and Park visitors, and is open 9am to 5pm daily. Highlighting and demonstrating the ecosystems of the Park, From Trees to Seas provides a wonderful overview of the Park ecosystems.