The Nature & Welcome Center

Open daily from 9 to 5, the Welcome and Nature Center is your best source of information about the Park.  The Ranger or Volunteer will greet you at the Information Desk, provide details on daily or future events, answer your questions and assist you in getting the most out of your visit. Be certain to check out the  many informational brochures and pamphlets which will inform you about the Park’s wonderful sights and services.

Opened in Spring of 2012, the all new Visitor's Center is a great way to begin you day at the Park.
The Theatre offers short videos where you can learn about the Park’s habitat, ecology and natural resources. While you are at the Theatre, you might also be lucky enough to catch an art exhibit, as the theatre is also a “gallery” for exhibits by artists and photographers, many who are nationally recognized.

In addition to being greeted by a warm and enthusiastic staff, you will delight in the state of the art interpretive exhibits located throughout the Welcome and Nature Center building.  These exhibits provide a great opportunity to better understand the history and ecology of MacArthur Beach State Park.  Many visitors find these exhibits helpful both before and after their travels through the Park’s rich habitats.

Natural History Interpretive Exhibits:

Sea Turtle Tank – Hosts a resident loggerhead sea turtle
Maritime Hammock/Terrestrial Animals Exhibit – Houses snakes and land crabs
Seagrass and Manatee Exhibit – Boasts an actual manatee skeleton and live seagrass
Beach and Dune Dynamics Exhibit – Learn about out dynamic dunes
Under the Sea Reef Room Aquarium and Exhibit – An “underwater” experience
Dolphins Exhibit – Hear and see our native dolphins
Sea Turtles Species Exhibit – All the species that visit our beach
Natural Communities Exhibit – A look from land to sea
Mangrove Aquarium and Exhibit – A 3-D experience

Cultural History Interpretive Exhibits:

Pre-historic Native Americans – A look at the Tequesta and Ais tribes who were here long before us.
Munyon’s Island – Learn a little before you explore.
John D. MacArthur – Some facts and thanks.
Sometime during your visit, you might want to relax in a rocking chair on the Front Porch outside the Beach Outfitters & Gift Shop.  Be certain to take in the Outdoor Sea Turtle Aquarium and the information it affords.

The Nature Center features an estuary tank that changes with the tides!